Vice Admiral William P. Mack,

He served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam wars aboard USS Idaho, USS John D. Ford, USS Preston, and commanded USS Woodworth, USS Anderson, DESDIV 22, DESRON 28, and PHIBGRU 2.  As Commander Seventh Fleet he was responsible for the successful mining of Haiphong Harbor in the Vietnam War. Staff assignments included Amphibious Force Pacific, DESFLOT 1, CRUDESPAC, offices of the CNO, SECNAV, and SECDEF.  His final tour was as Superintendent of the Naval Academy where he helped break down barriers to admission with respect to race and gender.  He earned the Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, and Navy Distinguished Service Medal.  VADM Mack also authored over 13 books, including standards in the Navy: “Command at Sea”; “Naval Ceremonies, Customs and Traditions”; and the “Naval Officer’s Guide”. Vice Admiral William P. Mack, an officer of diverse talents and abilities, served his country with distinction over five decades and three wars.




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